life, as it is…


Have been taking lessons in Japanese language at the Bunka Language School. Japanese is such an interesting language. Omoshiroi! It’s very respectful of others and modest of oneself. And it’s quite close to Mandarin, especially the Cantonese dialect! Found myself very much enjoying the language. So if you know the language too, please spar with me next time we meet. (But laughing at my noob-ness is not allowed. Onegaishimasu.) 🙂

Also have been picking up golf lessons at the driving range. I used to think it’s an easy sport, not much effort involved. Couldn’t be more wrong– it’s far more tiring than it seems! Spent hours just trying to hit a ball straight. Now, I really admire the pros. 😀 Bought my first 7 iron (in pink!) yesterday from Far East Shopping Centre for $65. Level 2 is chock full of shops selling golf apparatus– very convenient to compare prices and get just about everything you need. Golf’s a great sport, not just cos it’s relaxing and you can play it well into your old age– a major plus is you also get to enjoy nature’s beautiful scenery as you play. A very attractive incentive to me. I wish Singapore’s not sooo sunny and hot though.

Busy busy. Happy happy.

xoxo, Tiffy~


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