b-day bbq bee

Had BBQ yesterday with my parents, sister, in-laws, cousins… BBQ gatherings are fun, whether it’s with family or friends. Especially with the convenience of just ordering everything online from ezb and having it delivered to the pit itself. Hassle free– just eat!

It was meant to be a house visit but my dear folks also had a birthday surprise for me. Such thoughtfulness! 🙂

So heartwarming it makes one weep. ~><~ Thankee, hubs, sisses, cozzies and all!

That reminds me… it’s this blog’s anniversary too. One year on and still in the running! 🙂

This was a photo taken in the clinic for TCS’ Indonesian clinic. Oh yes, it’s started! Congratulations to my boss for his successful expansion and to Vic for her hard work in making it come true. 🙂

And, ooh, loooove my midnight blue shoes from Charles & Keith! ^^


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