an attempt at my kitchen

On Monday, I was feeling very siannnnn. So I decided to attempt egg fried rice in my kitchenette. To be honest, I hate frying in my kitchen (and seldom do it) cos it dirties the whole place and I also hate cleaning after. 😀 But since I felt like it, here’s how it turned out:

A simple concoction, nothing great. Smelled garlicky wonderful! Best thing about it is– it’s very healthy! I used fresh olive oil, chock full of monounsaturated fats– good for the heart! 🙂 Wonder if hubs enjoyed it as much as he said he did. Someday, I’ll learn to cook like a pro. 😀

Was daydreaming a little today… there’re so many things I wanna do before I grow old! Like a very wise friend said on her FB wall, “Youth is a short-term lease and it’s non-renewable.” (Very true indeed!)

Alright, not all my dreams require youth. Still, I need the time and opportunity, both of which seem precious little right now. 😦

So I’m first delving in interests that I still can manage despite the hectic life of a typical Singaporean.

Tried this eyeshadow by Shiseido Maquillage for the first time last week. I like the absolute shine it gives the eyes! Looks very fine and classy. The only downside I thought it had was that the colours were too light, even with copious amounts. Seemed that I heaped layer upon layer of it but it still looked the same in intensity. 😛 Not a good choice for creation of smokey eyes. Perfect for daily or natural look. 🙂


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