Friday night at Black Angus


Went on a date tonight at Black Angus. Not that hubs and I do it often– I don’t quite fancy gorging myself. Yet, once in a while, it’s good to enjoy a good meal and each other’s company.

I felt I overate. 😦

Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience. The food was fabulous, the service was good! It’s succulent beef with smooth wine. There was this interesting appetiser, where they cut up a whole huge onion and deep fry it… that’s prob how onion rings originated:

Yummy leh…

Oh, by the way, the saddest thing that happened all year: I lost my favourite Bible. It’s NKJV and has a pink suede cover. Has been by my side for more than 10 years and I can’t even remember how I misplaced it! If anyone sees it, please return my bonnie to me… 😦


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