a Kinki night!

Bright and sunny day today… Too bad my mood doesn’t reflect the same.

Nonetheless… was shopping at 313 Somerset last weekend and finally found the L’Oreal Kerastase Elixir Ultime at a hair salon there. Have been seeing in on adverts for a while but never got to actually see it in bottle. So I bought 4 bottles right away. 😀 It wasn’t cheap though– $30 for a 50ml bottle.

Tried it on that very night and it was like magic! Made my bunch-of-hay for hair feel really soft and silky. You can apply it to towel dried hair for best results and blow dry if necessary. My only grudge is the overwhelming coconuty smell it carries. Needs some getting used to.

Nowadays there are also hair mist sprays– just discovered one by Lucidol. It’s just like the brumisateurs we use to refresh our faces– just spray throughout the day to refresh the hair. Interesting huh. 😀

I tend to be too dry… that’s why I constantly seek out newer and better moisturisers for the hair and skin. I’ve tried moisturisers from L’Occitane, Kiehl’s, Physiogel, Rosken, Dermaveen, Crabtree & Evelyn, etc. etc. Recently, I’ve taken a liking to Vaseline’s Beauty White– not at all gooey and leaves a soft glow on the skin thereafter. Rather good for a cheap alternative. Comfortable moisturisers are important for better compliance. Sometimes, the more basic things in life work best!

Was at a Japanese restaurant called Kinki on National day to celebrate a friend’s bridal shower. Cheryl managed to book places for us that night– amazing. It overlooked the Singapore river and had a fantastic view of the fireworks that night. I watched it from my window, but you could go up to the balcony to fully experience the music and effects of the fireworks. Very romantic place for a date and the food is exquisite but too small in portions and pricey. Not suitable if you’re famished. Neat place for loverbirds though. May visit it again with my hubs! 🙂


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