Minimise your pores

In my last article, I mentioned the use of products with anti-inflammatory ingredients for sensitive skin. Coincidentally, my clinic recently brought in a new batch of sunblock that has it.

It’s a gel form, so goes on easily and is okay for oily skin. I’d recommend it for people with sensitive or acne prone skin.


I get lots of people coming to me asking me to help them get rid of their large pores. Frankly, it may be difficult to make the pores disppear completely but there are some things you can do to minimise them.

  1. Pores are easier to prevent than to treat. Remove your makeup thoroughly and cleanse well to ensure debris isn’t stuck in them.
  2. Regularly get rid of blackheads and clogged pores. You can do manual extraction (although do be careful not to over zealous about it) or exfoliate with AHA or salicylic acid wash.
  3. Plump up your skin! Moisturisers that are not comedogenic and Vitamin C serums are good for the job. You can combine these with the help of laser treatment to stimulate skin rejuvenation and minimise the look of those pores. The fractional laser is very good for such purposes.

So there, a few simple steps to upkeep the skin and keep orang d’peau skin at bay! 🙂 For more advanced and medically based treatments to help improve pores, you may consider carbon laser peels and laser skin resurfacing to decrease the size of pores and shallow them out. Check with your aesthetic doctor for more details!


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