Don’t be sensitive

Always so busy. I really need to take the time to stop and smell the roses every once in a while, such as saying hi to my blog readers. 😀

Attended the International Master Course on Aging Skin which was held in Singapore recently. It was great! Learnt quite a bit, although I think I could do with more.

Got a new pair of shoes from hubs…

I find many people come to me complaining of sensitive skin. What’s the best way to handle it?

Many of us suffer from highly strung skin, which reacts in various ways ranging from frequent breakouts to reactive stinging and redness. This is sometimes caused by a lack of the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from irritants.

How then to take care of sensitive skin? The solution isn’t easy and may very well be a long term effort.

Firstly, in all common sense, get rid of products that cause further irritation– be it cosmetics or treatment products, especially those that contain preservatives or fragrances. Sensitive skin may also be aggravated by the elements so protection from the sun and wind is essential. When choosing sunscreens, physical sunblock may cause less irritation as compared to chemical ones. Always test new products on inconspicuous areas before trying them on the face.

Secondly, treat the sensitivity. Products that contain loads of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories may relieve the redness and stinging of sensitivity reactions. Anti-stress masks and hydrating masks are great for soothing and calming upset skin.

Most importantly, moisturisers are crucial to replacing the natural barrier of healthy skin. So use it generously and without restraint! And it goes without saying that sufficient fluids, fruits and vegetables will go a long way in promoting cool and collected skin.


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  1. Brazilianger says:

    Hi, I know this is kinda unrelated but do u do brazillian ipl/laser hair removal? Cause i dont see it on tcs web. If have, Hw much? Which one is more commonly used? How’s the procedure? Thanks!

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