another diary entry :)

It’s a rainy day today and my clients must be finding it very nice to roost at home. My schedule was packed but quite a few didn’t turn up, so it’s kinda light day for me– which makes me feel sleepy, so I’m blogging. 😀

Went shopping at Chomel lately. Chomel has got some of the best accessories around– good quality, tasteful design. It’s kinda pricey though, so I try not to frequent it too often. Probably because it uses zirconia and crystals to adorn its accessories, which doesn’t come by cheap. Got this brooch for about 40 bucks during the GSS:

Goes well on my little black dresses or the lapel of my jackets. 🙂

Randomly, here’re some of my favourite foods:

One of the best ice cream experience ever! When Marble Slab creamery opened its new outlet at Central, I tried one (2 scoops for the price of 1!)… mix and match your favourite ice creams with your favourite toppings. It was heavenly… But nowadays the particular outlet seems to have become more stingy with their servings and is simply overpriced. 😦

My sister-in-law introduced me to this one! The mushroom and cheese crepe and lobster bisque is the bestest. Very light for lunch too. There’s an outlet at Plaza Sing. 😉

Ooh, and I loooooove the Hokkaido ramen at Santouka restaurant. The broth is superlicious!!! Will try to grab a pic and upload it later. 🙂

And now I must drink more green tea so as to lose weight after all that gorging. LOL. Oh well, we only live once. 😉

Rumination of the day: I was having ramen at Marutama just yesterday when the next table (consisting of a man and a lady) called for the bill. When it came, the man (who looked rather macho, I must say) waved the bill to the lady, indicating that she is his boss. It made me realise how emancipated today’s women are. It’s good thing, yeah– women are as capable as their opposite gender and deserve equal rights; productivity doubles and so does the economy. On the flip side, cost of living also doubles and families start to find it hard to survive on single incomes… stay-home mums are disadvantaged in committing to nurture their children full-time. I wonder where the benefits end and the harm begins.

Nonetheless, it will be this way for a long, long time.



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3 Responses to another diary entry :)

  1. mandy says:

    Hello! I’m Mandy whom I had consultation with you today! I must apologize >.< I didn't get to compliment how awesome and gorgeous you are, especially being a clinic physician and a Miss Singapore Universal title holder too. And thank you very much for the consultation and educating me a little! 😀

  2. mandy says:

    And oh, the brooch looks rather pretty for a simple, yet elegant design. And oh god, that ice-cream looks so delicious but I’m trying to cut down on eating too much sweets. D: !

  3. tiffiny yang says:

    Hi Mandy!

    Yep it was a pleasure talking with you today. I’m glad I could do something to benefit you! Thank you for your compliments– I feel really honoured! =)

    I’m also trying to call it quits with sugar addiction. Not easy, this one. =D


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