prison break today!

This catchy number has been stalking me all week. I go Starbucks for a blueberry muffin and it’s there, I went shopping at Chomel and it’s there, I ate at Olio Dome today and it’s there, I visited Tangs for some Friday retail therapy and it’s still there. Thought it was a pretty old song but it is haunting me and indelibly stuck on my mind today. Love the tune.

Btw, updated Project Fashionista today. It’s a beautiful day because I’m finally through with onerous exam notes after weeks and weeks. Gonna enjoy a restful weekend. Well, on hindsight, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy furthering my studies– it’s rather fulfilling to upgrade in knowledge and skills and consequently, improve my practice as a doctor. Learning is, no doubt, a lifelong process. 🙂


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1 Response to prison break today!

  1. Janna says:

    Love this song too!! =D

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