on the pill and ranting…

It’s great to be on leave… if only it was for vacation! I thought my mugging days were over once I graduate from university… 😦 Nonetheless, I’m daydreaming about my upcoming vacations… Wanna go to the beach at Redang and go shopping in Hong Kong!

Recently, I saw this interesting rumour on forums on how oral contraceptive pills (OCP) can help in bust enhancement. In fact, it is claimed to be so effective that some overseas plastic surgeon recommended trying it as opposed to doing surgical breast implants! I’ve been taking Yaz for a while too and I think it did help for maybe… 1/2 cup size? 😛 Well it’s not beyond imagination, since OCP contains oestrogen hormone that is well known to increase breast tissue growth. (For that same reason, it is not recommended for women with breast tumours.) Its other benefits: an O&G consultant I once knew said that every woman (who is medically fit for it) should be on the pill some time during their reproductive years since it can as much as halve their risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer after being on it for 3 years. OCP containing anti-androgens can also control acne outbreaks e.g. Diane-35.

Then again, interestingly, there was a study based in America on what influences sexuality in women. They studied the factors that affected the earnings of women in a strip joint and found that those who were on the pill had consistently less earnings than others, even less than those who were menstruating but not on the pill. Just a guess: perhaps the OCP also somewhat influences the production of pheromones in women that ultimately affects the way they exude their sexuality.

No wonder breast augmentation procedures are still a viable option out there.

Of the many options available for breast augmentation, I think fat grafting for breast augmentation will soon become popular because 1. it is a natural material for implantation (i.e. your own) and 2. some degree of body contouring can be done at the same time. As medical science progresses, technical expertise may also improve to the extent that more fat cells will survive in one year– in some reports now, even up to 90%! (Currently, the survival of the fat cells after grafting is generally pretty dismal… in the range of 20-50%.) It’s rather risky right now in the sense that fat cells that die can form hard calcified lumps in the breasts and after suffering all this, you don’t end up with much permanent enhancement at the end of one year. Quite a shame, isn’t it.

Ok now, back to burying my nose in the books! 😀


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  1. ww says:

    haha… very interesting entry!

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