Coco Chanel– classy and fabulous!

Coco Chanel sure is one very interesting character.

I much admire her for launching a luxury fashion brand from scratch, based on her name and personality. However, her life story ain’t pretty, depicting nothing less than wanton lust and ruthless betrayal, like how she schemed to wrangle ownership of Parfums Chanel from its Jewish owners during WWII and she was also the mistress of several rich men at several different times. She never got married and spent her golden years living off the same Jews she scammed after striking a deal with them to hand over her brand. (References on her life story from not-too-reliable sources though… Wonder how much of it is true.)

Nonetheless, I think it wouldn’t hurt to possess some of her individualism, which somewhat borders on conceit. When asked why she didn’t marry the Duke of Westminster, she replied,

“There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.”

Such daunting confidence in her self!

And I loved it when she said, “A girl has to be two things– classy and fabulous.” Couldn’t agree more! 😛


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