on skin rejuvenation…

There are a couple of laser machines in my clinic that we use a lot for skin rejuvenation. One of it is the Q-switched ND:Yag laser and the other is the fractional CO2 laser. Fractional CO2 is great for treating pores, acne scars, chicken pox scars and fine wrinkles. Q-switched ND:Yag laser is good for lightening pigmentation, improving skin tone and general skin rejuvenation.

I’ve been trying quite a bit of it on myself too… These laser treatments really do tighten up pores and smoothen out tone & texture of the skin. I prefer the Q-switched ND:Yag laser to the fractional CO2, even though the results are not as quickly visible, because the downtime for CO2 is way longer than the QSNDY. There’s usually redness for 2-3 days before scabbing occurs and lasts for a week but, well, as they say, no pain, no gain. Generally I find the more intensive the treatment is, the longer the downtime and the better the results usually are.

Even our burlesque and manly surgeon, Ed, underwent one treatment from each laser machine just last week. I zapped all his sun spots and recommended one session of low intensity fractional CO2 for his acne scars in the same sitting. The results were very pleasing. All the treated sun spots peeled off within two to three days and as the skin started to heal from the fractional skin resurfacing, the improvement in tone and texture was fantastic! He would still need a few more sessions for better resurfacing and to lighten the deeper dermal pigmentation though.

Nonetheless, he sure looks handsomer now. 😉

However, laser treatment is not without its inherent risks. Do check with your friendly aesthetics doctor on what they are and what you can do to undergo such treatments at minimal risk. Meanwhile, don’t forget your sunblock– it’s a hot, hot day today.


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20 Responses to on skin rejuvenation…

  1. fan says:

    How much do you charge for the fractional co2 laser? Can it heal my acne scars?

  2. janeybaby says:

    Hi tiff, I have post hyperpigmentation from acne, plus bumps like white heads/milia, will fractional co2 help to get rid of them? Or do I need a combination of lasers?

    How long interval for each session is it recommended usually? Will I be given cream to aid healing?

    My concerns are basically the marks, pore, bumps and to Smoothen out the skin texture..

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Hi janeybaby,

      Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may be lightened using the pigmentary lasers such as the Q-switched ND:Yag, whereas milia may be removed by zapping them off– the fractional CO2 laser can perform that function. If you would like to improve pores and skin texture or even fine lines or pitting scars, skin resurfacing with the fractional CO2 laser is an option. Recommendations vary but each session may be done once a month. You will usually require multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

      We do provide a quick recovery cream for post-laser treatment care; antibiotic or antiviral creams may also be necessary in specific conditions.

      There are also certain inherent risks in undergoing laser treatment, so do consult your doctor to discuss them before embarking on the treatments!

      I hope the above information helps. =)

      Tiffiny Yang

  3. Janelle says:

    Hi Dr Yang,

    For the Q Switch laser, if say after a few sessions i gotten the results that i wanted.. Will the results remain? Or i need to do maintenance treatment thereafter?


    • Janelle says:

      Hi Dr Yang,

      To add on, I would also like to know will the Q Switch be for the entire face including the eye area (lighten dark circle)?

      Kind Rgds,

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Hi Janelle,

      The results are usually lasting save for sun exposure or strong genetics influence. That’s why I’d always advise a good sunblock of at least SPF 30 to all, whether you want to treat or not. Maintenance sessions are okay to have too. =)

      Tiffiny Yang

  4. Elaine says:

    Dr yang, any recommendation for sunblock for face?

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Dear Elaine,

      Choose one that suits your skin type, with an SPF of at least 30.

      I personally love Therapeutic Dermatological Formula’s white sunblock. It’s got an SPF of 60++, isn’t too oily after application and makes your face look fairer too! You can give it a try and let me know if you like it too.

      Tiffiny Yang

  5. Carely says:

    Hi Dr Yang,

    My area of concern is fine lines under eye. Can fractional CO2 laser be treated on eye area as well? And how much does it cost for each treatment? Any other alternative treatments for fine lines under eye?

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Dear Carely,

      Fractional CO2 laser is great for treating fine lines. Protective lenses must be worn if it’s to be done near the eyes.

      Diligent skincare regime is paramount too– good eye creams can help a great deal.

      Hope this helped! =)

      Best regards
      Tiffiny Yang

  6. Mojojo says:

    Hey Dr Yang,
    I have millias, oil seeds as well as large pores, is one treatment of fractional co2 enough for me?
    And can the fractional co2 be custom made such as adjusting the amount of heat produced to suit the condition of one? 🙂 Thank you!

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Hi Mojojo,

      Sorry for the late reply! Was away for a while.

      One treatment of CO2 is enough to treat milias and oil seeds, except that if you want to do all in one sitting, be prepared to put up with the pain! Large pores, however, will take more time and sessions.

      Yes, the fractional CO2 machine can usually be adjusted to the suitable intensity for you.

      Best regards,
      Dr Tiffiny Yang

  7. appleq says:

    Hi Dr Yang
    I am interested in your laser package for pigmentation of 5 sessions. Mine is about size of 5 cents coin and can it be removed by laser. After each laser, can I just use my own facial products and sun protection cream. Thanks

  8. Jan says:

    Dr Yang,
    i have extremely bad dark eye rings but are not just restricted to the undereye but instead, full panda eyes. from what i gathered online, the brown colour is a result of genetics or pigmentation rather than lack of sleep (which i believe i get enough). from your experience, can my case be improved? i have deep concerns over the dark eye rings and i kinda give up using eye products which do not seem to work for me. I also notice recently that the creases are getting deeper…

    • Tiffiny Yang says:

      Dear Jan,

      We have several options to improve dark eye rings and, even though a complete reversal may not be possible, a combination of these treatments are likely to help improve the color and intensity of your dark eye rings. I will be better able to advise on the best treatment option after consultation and assessment. 🙂

      Dr Tiffiny Yang

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