Badly need to de-stress!

Stress is a very bad, bad thing. It makes one feel uncomfortable and unsettled all over.

It’s been my constant headache these few days. Too many things happening these days– exams coming up, big financial decisions to bear, office politics and misunderstandings running amok. Looking for ways to relax and take my mind off these irritating stressors.

How to relax??!!

Maybe I’ll go and do my hair. I find it’s getting rather out of shape and messy. Plus, they always give a thorough scalp massage during hair treatments and it’s a great way to relax!

Recently visited this salon Kenaris at Wheelock Place. They carry a lot of products by L’Oreal Kerastase (my favourite hair product brand) and also tailor their hair treatment recommendations to suit your unique hair type. Tried their Oleo-Relax hair treatment and it was awesome. My hair never felt so shiny and bouncy before as it did after that. 🙂

Or, I could try a spa massage. Have never been to one of those before because of the many horror stories of sales coercion and rip-offs. Still, it might be nice. Wish I could get me some recommendations…

Most of all, I wish the sources of my stress will dissipate and vapourise into thin air soon!! Let there be peace on earth and goodwill to all men… And let money grow on trees and exam papers answer themselves as well please. 😉 Lol…


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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1 Response to Badly need to de-stress!

  1. fan says:

    oh dear… i hope you cheer up soon 🙂 stress is bad for skin, mine gets breakouts !

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