the worth of companionship…

Music never fails to identify with my soul… It always brings out my deepest emotions and truest thoughts.

This song, “一半”has been the song this season. It’s based on the thoughts and dissatisfaction of a single girl looking for love. She has friends to hang out with, to have meals and movies with, to fill up her days with… but the happiness somehow still seems incomplete and the loneliness stubbornly remains. No one to share her life with… just her and her blog all night.

It’s not directly relevant to me, but it made me realise how blessed it is to have a companion in life and to be thankful for the warmth and security of a loving, trusting relationship.

So for all out there who already found a special one, cherish all the goodness of it. For those who have yet to meet up with that special one, get out there and locate that life of bliss and joy. Don’t just wait for it to come knocking! 😉


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Doctor 整形医生/医師 Ms S'pore Universe 环球小姐 FHM Chinese International Cover Girl 男人帮国际中文版封面女郎 FHM S'pore Model 男人帮新加坡模特儿 A girl loves her piano~
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