On politics and love…

Once upon a time, there was a husband who loved the wife dearly and fought hard to start a family, build a home together. He did very well and won the heart of his wife, and rightfully so since he was highly capable and made many plans for the family that worked. In fact, the company he set up did very well and grew at an exponential rate. The wife worked for him in the same company. They went through thick and thin together.

Then, as time went by, the husband became very successful in his business and it got into his head. He started to spend less and less time with his wife and more and more time away from home. It was not long before he became estranged from his wife and neglected all her needs, only caring for his own. He received high pay and bonuses from his work but didn’t share any of it with his wife, so that she had to take on another job outside to make ends meet at home because her pay wasn’t sufficient. He bought big houses and big cars for himself but his wife couldn’t even afford public housing or a decent small car. She is constantly in trepidation of rising public transport costs and rising food prices, since her wages are not rising proportionately and she still has to save up her children’s education. Even her aged parents sought to be rehired in her husband’s company because their retirement fund isn’t enough to keep up with inflation. To make matters worse, her husband’s company recently started to hire a lot of foreign labour (or talent), preferring them over her. They even threatened to replace her with one if she dared to ask for a pay raise. She couldn’t afford to lose this job, so she just grit her teeth and endured the injustice.

What should the poor wife do? They started out so well together– she still has nostalgic feelings for those days of old. Those days are gone, it’s true, but perhaps she should hang on for sentiments’ sake– to show her husband she appreciates that he used to treat her so well. Let the kids sort it out themselves when they’re of age. Divorce is not an option since she cannot be without a husband. There’s no one to tell her husband what wrong he may be doing, so he’ll never know. Yes, she should just continue her life as it is because, well, he is very capable of running a successful company, just that she’s not benefitting much from it. She shouldn’t be thinking about what her husband can do for her but what she can do for her husband. Perhaps she can buy frozen food (it’s cheaper) and ride a bicycle as her mode of transportation instead.

What a sad sad story! What should a country do when the government forgets the reason they were put there in the first place? What can a government do to win back the trust of betrayed, disillusioned citizens?


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