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Have been too busy to update this space for a while… Indeed, life has been the most hectic.

The finals for my paper executive look was held last Thursday… following an entire week of ceaseless preparations, I received the day with high hopes and anticipation. Well, I needn’t say how disappointed I was at the end of it and I’m nonetheless very happy for all the winners of the event. 🙂 The whole experience was well worth the effort and however it turned out, it didn’t matter– I had the most wonderful people there to surround me with love and warm support at the end of it.

Then came the long weekend, which was pretty much burnt trying to catch up on my GDFM. Lecture on Saturday, online discussion plus MCQ on Sunday, tutorial on Monday and top it off with the online mock exams to prepare us for the grand slam. It’s non-stop action!!

And as it seems, the mayhem is not just present in my life, but in the country and in the world as well. The news have been reeling with updates on the general election and the respective sides slinging mud at each other. This is probably the most aggressive fight between parties that I’ve witnessed in my life. Well, my 2 cents’ worth, I do think we can afford to have more diversity of voices in our government. The PAP candidates came by my place today but I was in the shower so I didn’t get to meet them. 😛

Today, the Obama administration announced the capture and demise of Osama bin Laden! What a feat, after 10 years of tracking him down! This will certainly be a memorable and historical moment for Uncle Sam– it’s one victory won over terrorism worldwide. Hmm, honestly, I think terrorists wouldn’t be stopping as a result of this… probably a minor setback for them at most– it may even act as fuel for their rage. Gee, I wonder when it will really really end. Is it too lame to call for world peace now?

So much for an eventful week! Have to get back to burying my nose in the books. Perhaps right after I catch Andy Lau’s 我知女人心 on DVD! Sure hope the exams turn out better for me than it did at my paper executive look. 😛


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