On foodism…

Have been having an insatiable craving for caramelised bananas! Irresistable in crepe or on waffles. Shamelessly devoured this caramelised banana waffle with chocolate ice cream at Big-O today– yummy yummy! :p

I can’t resist sweets! Not really something to be encouraged but I can’t help it. Well, I find it can be very well balanced out if I avoid other unhealthy diet choices, especially fatty or deep fried foods. When I’m really weight conscious, I also cut out other carbs and live almost solely on protein foods, fruits and vegetables, but sweets is still a sin I allow myself to indulge in. 😀

Have been weaning myself off bubble tea though. It has been my favourite drink for ages but people tell me they lose up to 5kg after they stop drinking bubble tea. Woah! Well, that’s not exactly unfathomable, since the “bubbles” are made up of tapioca starch (i.e. calorie-rich) and too many of them start storing up in the body as fat.

My other observation on junk food– it seems attractive but is really nothing more than empty calories. Too much of it dulls the mind… An overdose of popcorn and chips never fails to make me lethargic and lazy. No wonder couch potatoes who stuff their faces with junk food also grow into XXXL sizes in no time. Exercise and activity is the perfect antidote to this food junkie syndrome, so get off your bums and go work it! 🙂


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