Panda eyes aren’t cute at all!

Undereye circles are a result of a myriad of factors that add up to form the dark rings under the eyes.

First and foremost, there are many capillary vessels around the eyes that give the skin a dark purplish colour. With sluggish flow in blood circulation, hemosiderin deposits may increase, thereby increasing the amount of pigmentation under the eye. This can happen when a person is tired or sleepy and especially if he or she smokes. What can improve blood circulation? Probably exercise and regular eye massages. Eye creams containing Vitamin K may help as well.

Secondly, thinning of the skin around the eyes exacerbate the problem, as the pigmentation underneath the skin is not as well camouflaged, so that it becomes more apparent. This happens especially with age and poor skincare. Eye creams that build up collagen may help too.

If you have hollowing under your eyes, especially with loss of fat as age catches on, dark eye circles may seem especially prominent due to the shadows cast on the sunken areas of the eyes.

What can the doctor do for you?

Vascular laser treatment, e.g. Candela V beam, may help to reduce darkness due to the capillaries under the eyes. Other laser treatments, e.g. fractional CO2 laser, may help by increasing skin thickness so as to camouflage the dark eye rings.

Fillers may also be used to correct undereye hollowing that give the illusion of undereye rings.

To conclude, however, undereye circles aren’t the easiest condition to treat. Patience and expectation management is of crucial importance and it takes a fair amount of perseverance and compliance to reduce the appearance of dark eye rings. Nonetheless, some hope of a solution is present if you really think you look like a panda bear and want to know how to resolve it! So see your friendly doctor for a solution today.

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