Give your skin a treat today!

Had my facial spa today! It was so rejuvenating. Missed it for more than a month because there are so many things occupying my time these days– which made today’s session twice the relaxation. 🙂

I’m an avid advocate for doing facials. I find it complements medical aesthetic treatments very well because it picks up the slack in areas of beautification that doctors don’t do. One very important component of doing a facial is that your beautician removes all the whiteheads, blackheads and oil seeds– they don’t stand a chance! Well, this is the painful part.

The most relaxing part must be the facial massage. My beautician does a complete head, neck and shoulders massage in a systematic way. People say that facial massages benefit because they encourage blood circulation to the massaged areas– I guess that helps in improving skin repair and healing.

Whether it’s a fact or a myth, I think that good massage habits can help prevent saggy skin! Our skin is constantly acted on downwards by gravity. (Observe how facial hair tends to grow downwards?) We may also aggravate it while we attend to our faces everyday— for example, when we cleanse our faces or apply facial products in a downwards direction.

First thing to do: quit the habit! My recommendation: massage and apply your products sideways from midline on the part of the face below the eyes (e.g. cheeks) and upwards on the part above (e.g. forehead). That way, you don’t keep pulling your skin towards the ground– you don’t want it to end up hanging down that way! A facial massage is done in directions that counter gravity, so it attempts to reverse the tendency of downward sagging created by gravity and by our hands.

Plus, it relaxes the facial muscles. Couldn’t that possibly reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles that originate from overactivity of the muscles of facial expressions?

I find the above should apply to both the gentlemen and the ladies. You don’t have to go for expensive packages in high-end shopping malls because to me, basic ones suffice.

Last but not least, whether these tips are urban legends or not, a facial spa is also a great time to zen out and pamper yourself and your precious skin to a treat! It’s definitely staying on my list of to-dos-every-month. 😀


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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