This week, it’s on Business Etiquette

I had a bad start to the week. 😦 After a highly stressful weekend of stage presentations and smiling for cameras, Monday started with a sense of utmost exhaustion. On top of that, I’m fighting off another bout of cold and as if it wasn’t enough, my dog decided to bless me by completing her big business on my white carpet this morning. 😥

Surely there is some silver lining to this cloud.

Well, two of my patients were exceptionally happy with their look after their breast filler procedures last week, so I’m rather cheered by that. (I’m pretty good with my hands. 😉 ) I also had a good time at Business Etiquette class by Ms Suzenne Cheng last Thursday– I learnt a whole lot of new stuffs! During my pageantry last year, I had an image consultant give me a tip or two on pageant grooming, but this class had a totally different slant to it– it was geared towards corporate professionalism in your dressing and behaviour.

There were the important dos and don’ts of dressing. For example, for ladies, it is of utmost importance that you do NOT have messy hair! How to keep your hair in place? Ms Suzenne Cheng taught us girls a trick to keep hair in place with a simple gadget– the French twist! I tried it out…

Well, my hair is very thick and too soft and smooth so it was quite difficult to get the pin to stay in place initially. However, practice makes perfect and I managed to pull it off after several tries. 😀 (I got the clip from Chameleon for $8.90…)

Other crucial don’ts for ladies:

  1. NO opera makeup, NO bedroom face either!
  2. NO excessive perfume (She said, “If you can smell your own perfume, you’re killing everyone around you.” Hee…)
  3. NO chipped nail polish (that’s a beauty queen’s rule too.)
  4. NO lipstick on teeth (always check!)
  5. NO visible panty line
  6. NO armpit hair (or facial hair, for that matter!)

We also learnt about using colours in both our clothes and makeup to create various different images, the perfect hairdo for our face shapes, postures to take when standing or sitting, manners and etiquette in email and telephone and how to respond appropriately by reading body language. Whew, so much goodies in under 3 hours. It was, all in all, practical and enlightening.

Looking forward to the upcoming catwalk class this Saturday too! I’m sure it’ll be just as fun as the others so far. 🙂

Also, I will be updating the posted blog link below, from now until 28 April 2011 for the lasting duration of my executive look competition, so please check it out as well if you’d like! 🙂


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