A ranting on… or perhaps a tribute to… black Friday

Last Friday, 11th March, was just not a good day at all.

“Our country faces its worst crisis since the end of the war 65 years ago,” the Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, said in a newspaper article I read.

The massive earthquake that hit Japan, incumbent with its multiple aftershocks (that weren’t exactly small either) and tsunamis that destroyed whatever was left from the earthquakes, was just too much to bear. Thousands dead, tens of thousands missing and hundreds of thousands without homes or water or food. To top it off, the nuclear plants are threatening to explode or leak. Misery took on new meaning.

Felt so very sorry for the victims in Japan… Wish there was some way I could help or comfort them but I found myself powerless to do so. It’s times like these that one cannot help realising one’s own mortality and fragility in this life. (Quite frankly, the thought that perhaps the end of the world is near flitted through my mind… And then I shook off the scary thought within minutes.) One can only pray that the string of calamities, one shockwave after another, will soon cease to terrorise that nation.

Nonetheless, heard the Japanese were resilient and queued up orderly for their rations; they ‘soldiered on bravely’ in the face of such suffering. What admirable display of virtue! It’s awe-inspiring.

What is also encouraging is that everywhere I went, I saw tins and donation boxes for Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief. Corporate efforts and individual efforts alike. This world is turning more and more into one big village, with neighbours helping one and another. I guess it shouldn’t be long before Japan’s $10 billion worth of destructive losses shrinks to a more chewable size.

Last Friday, a friend of mine also fell very ill. It was miserable news. Suffice to say, I also wished that there was something I could do to help but still found myself powerless to do anything except comfort.

(As they always say in medical school, a doctor’s role is to cure only sometimes; more often than not, it’s to relieve but always and always, to offer comfort. Of course, despite the reality of such impotence, the heart of a doctor is one that never stops wishing and seeking for far better solutions to offer those who need it, be it on a big scale national level or a small time individual one. That, must be the true calling of our esteemed profession…)

For crises like these, one can also display good faith and courage to brave life’s own earthquakes and tsunamis. One can depend on family and friends and professional help for disaster relief and aid. Perhaps the end seems near to you, but before you know it, things’ll pick up and you’ll find yourself in good stead again. So at the end of the day, what I really want to say is… Don’t lose heart, my friend! The best is yet to be. 🙂


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