It’s great to be a girl!

Couldn’t log into my dashboard the last few days, so this post is slightly delayed.

Have been very busy recently with work, play and study. Used up so much brainpower that I needed some sort of a break… some me time… So I went ahead and did all my nails! See?

Please refer to Project Fashionista to see how I further accessorised my pretty nails!

Also shopped a little bit at Ion Orchard. I must say it is a girl’s shopping haven– so much variety of simply everything you can possibly want! Definitely the place to go if you need anything at all. 🙂 I got a Bebe logo T-shirt (love the pink and black paper shopping bag at the end of my purchase), a pair of gold strappy Charles & Keith heels and accessories from here and there… Was yearning for the pair of blingy Aldo slippers but decided to give it a miss in the end. 😦

It’s even got my favourite bank located right there in the shopping centre. Just convenient for me to take money out and then spend it, all in one location… Hee, just kidding. Surely I’m more prudent than that. 😛

This was me at my paper executive look’s outdoor photo-shoot. Loooooove the hair!

Unfortunately, I got caught in the rain during my shoot! 😦 Fell very sick the next day… Hope the photos will turn out okay nonetheless. ><”’


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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