Prosecutor Princess 检查官公主

Watched this beautiful Korean drama recently. Well I don’t usually watch Korean dramas but my hubs insisted on this one because he thought the female protagonist was a lot like me in her situation– a gorgeous fashionable babe in a dead serious profession (in this case, she was a prosecutor). Maybe something like Legally Blonde.

I was addicted in no time at all. I felt I could really identify with Ma Hyeri! Nobody takes you seriously because of how you look and what you wear, and you have to work doubly hard to prove your worth. Every rookie is bound to start with a few screw ups but once the prejudice is formed, it’s twice as hard to make up for them. Yet, I laud her tenacity and perseverance which helped her come through and eventually mature into a conscientious and dependable professional, even dressing the part. 🙂

Really loved the pretty outfits that the lead actress and supporting actress wore in the show too. Gleaned a fashion tip or two from the show.

Not to mention the heart-melting, tear-jerking love story behind the plot– between her and the dashing, I’m-ever-and-always-there-for-you lawyer Suh Inwoo. The little teenage girl inside of me couldn’t help being mesmerised by his little acts of love and tenderness towards Ma Hyeri and his ultimate sacrifice for her in the end. Sweet.

What a gem of a show! Hope you’ll catch it and enjoy it too. 🙂


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