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The audition for my paper’s my executive look was held last Sunday morning at SPH Auditorium. The 100 shortlisted applicants had to go onstage to introduce themselves for 1 minute or so– I was one of them. Even though I didn’t exactly look like so, I felt absolutely nerve-wrecked and was belabouring on whether I should walk out before it was too late.

Well, I’m glad I didn’t, because it didn’t turn out all too bad after all. The judges were friendly and pleasant to talk with. My “one minute of fame” was over before I knew it. 🙂 In fact, I felt I could’ve gone on a little bit more.

Was interviewed by my paper’s journalists and Razor TV after the short stint. Said a few things, felt somewhat embarrassed, yet dignified. Certainly could’ve done better.

One of the judges mentioned I was the first doctor to audition for this competition and asked why. Razor TV’s reporter asked the same question too. I replied that I am indeed surprised that I should be the first, since I don’t see anything less in my profession as compared to others. Perhaps people have, for very long, viewed doctors as geeky, nerdy, boring stereotypes– well, it’s about time for change. We can be as savvy and cool a bunch of people as any other profession. 😀

For the article, please check out SPH’s website.

So to the finals I come! (On behalf of my medical brethren) Thank you, my paper/HTC, for this excellent opportunity to shine beyond our clinic walls. 😛


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