The long coveted “youth elixir”?

Attended a product launch by Gromark/Mesoestethics last evening, held at Novena Specialist Centre show suite. This time, one of its feature products included innovative breakthrough ingredients–botanical stem cells to reverse the process of aging. Interesting, huh? 😉

So they tell me, these stem cells were harvested from certain species of plants and clinically researched for their anti-aging properties. Indeed, they found that when mixed with dying human cells, these plant stem cells seemed to prolong the survival of the human cells, apart from other sources of sustenance. In other words, they reversed senescence of cells and stimulated repair and revival. Sure sounded like a miracle product to me. 🙂

One of its main products, which is a day and night facial cream, contains 3% botanical stem cells, amongst other growth factors, Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant and Vitamin A derivatives (which we all know is famous for its ability to increase cell turnover and reduce wrinkles).

I wanted to try this product myself, so I bought one recently. Hee. (Well, if there were something in this world that could reverse aging, would you not try it too? 😉 ) It looks like this:

Mesoestetics also produces ampoules containing 10% botanical stem cells for weekly or monthly use– kind of like shock treatments. I think these’ll be great for use on the skin after a session of laser treatment, for example.

We had the most amazing dinner at Imperial Treasure after the launch– sumptuous and yummilicious. (Thank you, Ms Catherine!) 😀 Glad I dressed in one of my best that day too.

Fashion sidetrack: I love this dress I got from The Station (available at Robinsons and Tangs). I find their range of apparel very suitable for young working females– smart and coporate savvy, yet feminine and tasteful. Do check it out. 🙂


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