How to volumise your hair

Cantonese is a very fun language. I like the way it sounds so sing-song when spoken. Yup, have been trying to learn the language by watching one TVBJ serial after another. 😀 So distracted from blogging. (Sorry! 😛)

Discovered a couple of accessories in the past year that can help you plump up your crowning glory. Besides brushing your hair the correct way, which can only do so much for hair that is heavy weighted anyway, these add-ons are especially useful if you struggle with limp, flat hair. 🙂

These are prickly, Velcro-like bumpits that help grab onto your hair when you place them under it. Got these at a small accessories shop at Far East.

These are plastic bumpits with tiny arrows along the edge that grab onto the locks of your hair. The volumising effect of these are much more dramatic than the former though, which can look rather unnatural. So I didn’t really prefer this set.

As for the results… 😉


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