Will it ever snow here?

It’s been raining all weekend… Nice to stay at home, read a book, drink hot tea… Really lousy to go out and get your feet wet in the drizzle. 😦

It made me miss the places where I’ve been where there are four seasons in a year. Colourful flowers in the spring… not so different from Singapore in summer… romantically falling leaves in autumn… snowflakes and snowy landscapes in winter (and a break from hot, humid weather!). I’ve always wished my home country could also be like that too. Not to mention it gives meaning to having different seasons in fashion lines– you get to wear scarves and ear muffles and trench coats and boots! (As compared to the same kind of garb all year round.)

Well, and of course, there will be more money spent and bigger wardrobes needed. 😛

So, will it ever snow in here? Seriously doubt so. Unless Armageddon occurs or the sun blows out. Well, that’ll be a terrible spot to be in and I really do not wish for that! Guess I’ll have to accept it as it is. For now. 🙂


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