Hong Kong

On a short trip to Hong Kong for 4 days– just a simple getaway to shop, eat, play and catch up with J’s best friend. It’s day 2 so far, i.e. halfway through my holiday.

There are so many places to shop here! My hotel was situated near Times Square where they carry upscale brands. Checked out Salvatore Ferragamo cos I like their shoes. It is actually slightly cheaper here as compared to Singapore. The classic black ballerina flats cost at least SGD$700 at Ion Orchard but only HKD$3,300 here– about SGD$633 at the current exchange rate. There are also huge departmental stores such as Sogo and Lane Crawford, where I bought my favourite perfume. It wasn’t much cheaper than Singapore but this one was in a pretty gift set and came with many small freebies, which gives it a kick. Readers beware, it may be cheaper in the HK airport 😀

 It was a good day for foodies! We had dim sum at a Michelin 2-star restaurant at Sunshine Plaza for lunch– it was quite different from what you can find in Singapore, and very much better. The char siew pastry was yummilicious! Heard they were well known for it. Had hotpot for dinner at Fai Gor’s– it was my first time trying tomato and onion soup base and I was much pleasantly surprised. J loves the roast pork here– he doesn’t stop praising how much meatier and more succulent it is here! 🙂

I went to Lady’s Market the last time I was in HK and didn’t quite like it because the quality of the goods there was generally poor. Hence, my expectation of Stanley Market was not high when we made our way there today. Perhaps that made it easy to outdo them. It turned out to be quite a fruitful trip– the quality of goods there was not bad at all! I am guessing the thriving expat population located right next to it drove up its standards. A few of my buys included rabbit fur scarves and a winter hat with cute ears. J got PJs. If you look like a locak and speak in Cantonese, the shopkeepers tend not to charge you exorbitantly and you can haggle the price down slightly. Expats get a different treatment– both in price and quality of service. 😀

There was a bay next to Stanley Market with quaint looking buildings planted along it. The air there was much fresher than in the city. Geez, HK city air is so hazy and polluted– just a few hours out of doors and my hair started to feel sticky and took on a musty smell. 😦 Not a place to stay for too long if you love your health.

It was quite cold today– 14 degree Celsius in the daytime! I didn’t bring much warm wear, so I thank God for my scarf– it’s amazing how one scarf around your neck or ears or hands can keep you warm as toast! (Btw, bought my pink Burberry scarf from Seoul… it’s 100% cashmere, literally wind-proof.)

More updates soon, stay tuned!

Meanwhile… here’s J & Wen, best buddies 🙂

And Wen’s puppy, Guiness. He’s a very smart doggy– only 5 months old and able to perform more tricks than my own Lola at her age! 🙂

I miss my dear little Lola. I know she misses Mummy & Daddy too. We’ll be home soon, Lollipops!


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