youthful eyes forever!

Have been playing the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 on Playstation 3 these few days and, despite myself, I am surprised to find it’s actually quite fun, especially when you play with someone! 😀 You play in a team of 4 superheroes and you never die ‘cos when your character’s life expires, the game just switches you to the next one. I love these never-die games.

I’ve been worried about the fine lines that are developing around my eyes! It’s inevitable, considering the daily onslaught of eye makeup and removal we girls need to do.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and many times more delicate than the rest of our face. Therefore, it can deteriorate faster than the rest of facial skin. Can you imagine a smooth, wrinkle-free face with saggy and wrinkled eyes? 😦

It’s time to step up my eye care regime!

From the outset, we must be gentle with our eyes when we apply makeup. Use dabbing rather than rubbing movements to apply your undereye concealers or eyeshadow colours. Don’t pull your eyes too hard when applying eyeliners and look for eye makeup removal that minimises rubbing.

Have a daily eye care product that is moisturising and anti-aging. There are countless of such products on the market. I’m currently on Collagen 360 eye contour cream by Mesoestetics– it contains hydrolysed marine collagen and claims to decrease lines, rings and bags! Of course, sun protection of the eyes are a given. 🙂

If you’ve already developed lines around the eyes and are fretting over how to reduce them, don’t panic! There are a few treatments available in your doctor’s clinic. 😉 Dynamic lines e.g. crow’s feet and infraorbital lines are easily smoothed out with Botox injections. Fine lines under the eyes can improve with a few sessions of laser skin rejuvenation treatment. Fillers can be used to reverse deep permanent lines.

For more information, do consult your friendly aesthetician on which option is most suitable for you! 🙂


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