longer and fuller eyelashes~

A set of long and luscious eyelashes is essential for bigger and more beautiful eyes. How, therefore, to make them longer and fuller?

We all know the cosmetic tricks we need to do– use a heated curler, heap on loads of mascara, employ the magic of falsies, etc. Nowadays, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions are also fast becoming widely popular.

Yet, it would be nice to also have long and thick eyelashes without the aid of makeup everyday, wouldn’t it? Not to mention, the onslaught of heat and chemicals on the fragile hair follicles can sometimes damage your eyelashes, causing eyelash fallout and balding. Eeps! 😦

This is where eyelash growth products become so important. It’s a rapidly growing industry! And there are soooo many products, whether over-the-counter or prescription, that claim to grow eyelashes– which to believe?

I’ve tried a couple of them myself. One was an over-the-counter product, Talika Lipocils. It did seem to work somewhat and my eyelashes grew longer for a while but it wasn’t dramatic. Later on, I also tried a prescription-only drug for eyelash growth, known as Latisse/Lumigan, which active ingredient was bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is a prostagladin which is also used to treat patients with glaucoma. It was incidentally found to grow the eyelashes at the same time and therefore employed for that purpose ever since. (It is rumoured that it was first used for that purpose when an opthalmologist packaged it as a love gift for his wife who was undergoing chemotherapy and therefore suffered eyelash balding– not sure how true it is though!) I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I find it really works to make the eyelashes longer and fuller. (But of course, it’s never long enough… 😛 I’ll use it for a few more months and assess again! 🙂 )

Application is easy. Just add one or two drops to a fine eyeliner brush and apply it to the roots of the hair follicles on the upper eyelids once at night. (Not recommended on lower eyelids, how ever tempting.) If it gets into the eyes, it may cause some irritation– simply rinse and reapply. Possible side effect: reversible pigmentation on the upper eyelids (which doesn’t often happen and I like to think of it as natural eyeliner… 😀 ) Results are expected after two to three months of consistent use.

I heard Revitalash used to contain bimatoprost as well, until it was sued by Allergan (the company which currently produces Latisse). Its new line now contains latanoprost instead, another prostaglandin. Have not tried it myself and I’m sure it works, but a few forummers and patients have told me that it caused them eyelash fallout, with gaps and thinning. 😦

Well, there’re so many many others that’re being sold off the shelf now. Just a word of caution: do be careful when you try them! 🙂

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