Bad hair days no more! At least for a while…

My hair was growing long and out of shape, so I made a trip to my favourite hairstylist (Roy Chen) at Kimage today. Have been visiting him for years now– his skill is superb. Have tried many others before and most of them were, at best, disastrous— even the big brands! Good hairstylists are hard to come by… so I’m rather perplexed about the day when Roy might retire. Boo hoo~

Decided to pamper myself with a salon hair treatment since I was there. Tried the Hydro O3 treatment– includes a treatment shampoo and 2x leave-in protein mask with the standard incubation. Left my hair feeling glorious again. 🙂

Well, what can I say. It is a lady’s crowning glory after all. 😛

Have also been considering a digital perm for the looooongest time but I dread the possibility of dry and hard-to-manage curls thereafter. Perhaps steam rollers on an ad-hoc basis is a better idea. Anyone knows where I can get one of those??

Roy recommended that salon hair treatment be done every 3 months. He also mentioned that we should change a brand of shampoo and conditioner every few months– I’m guessing that our hair gets too used to any one brand after prolonged use.

Too bad– I’m absolutely addicted to my L’Oreal Kerastase hair care system right now and it’ll be hard to kick the habit. 😀 Perhaps I’ll try Wella’s System Professional in the near future, on his recommendation.


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1 Response to Bad hair days no more! At least for a while…

  1. Iteniatiz says:

    Wow, thanks for this post! My appreciation is ever-growing.

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