love ’em, hate ’em, can’t live without those pumps!

If there is one thing that must not be missing from a girl’s wardrobe, it’s a good pair of heels.

Heels complement a girl’s figure, making her legs look just endless and slender. And they don’t just look good– they feel good, bringing out the confidence in its wearer.

There are many types of heels. I suppose several different categories exist and there is a much overlap, but I summarily came up with the most convenient classification based on the shape of the heel:

  1. Stilettoes
  2. Pumps
  3. Block
  4. Tapered
  5. Wedge

Well, I simply love the look of being in heels. My favourites are in the first 2 categories and I personally find that the latter 3 unflattering. However, I’ve been wearing kitten heels more often nowadays– mini pumps that are less than 2 inches (i.e. much more practical for everyday work wear). 😛

Frequent wearing of heels can cause several medical problems including (but not limited to) corns and calluses, blisters and bunions, hammer toes and Morton’s neuroma, knee and back pains, even stress fractures. (Not to scare ya, but if you have worn 4 inch pumps before, you’d totally understand what I mean.) There are possible benefits though– heels can improve the tone of a woman’s pelvic floor. That prevents stress incontinence as well as keeps the husband happy. 😀

How to pick a good high heel then? Here are some useful tips:

  • Wear heels that are no taller than 2 inches. In fact, some podiatrists recommend low to moderate heels for better support of the feet. No matter how tempting high fashion heels may be, save them for privileged occasions rather than as daily wear.
  • Choose comfortable heels with a wide toe box. You could opt for one size larger (with the aid of heel pads) or even custom fit your heels to achieve that. Open-toed ones are good alternatives. Wiggle room goes a long way in preventing future toe conditions.
  • Spend at least approximately one third of your time in non-heeled flats or shoes.

I got this from another website which nicely sums up what a good heel design should be:

“Thus, the best design for a high heel is one with a narrower width, where the heel is closer to the front, more solidly under the ankle, where the toe box provides room enough for the toes, and where forward movement of the foot in the shoe is kept in check by material snug across the instep, rather than by the toes being rammed forwards and jamming together in the toe box or crushed into the front of the toe box.”

So, kudos to every one of us who truly owns a good pair of heels! 🙂

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