no gents allowed in this post :)

Recently discovered this bust drink that’s on sale at Sasa– the Kinohimitsu J’pan Bust-up drink. Supposedly very effective… Salesgirl said one of her customers swears by it and bought up all their stock (of approximately 2-3 boxes). 😛

It claims to contain several phyto-oestrogens that encourage breast enlargement and firming, including unripe papaya extract and royal jelly. (Royal Jelly, in my opinion, is a rather magical ingredient… it’s found to be good for so many foods and products for the skin, hair, everything!) In their own clinical trials, they found that there can be an increase of 0.5-1.5cm enlargement, depending on your age. That’s not too bad for a natual method of breast enhancement for those with mild sagginess or who just desire to have a slight enhancement.

However, for those with moderate to severe problems of small or sagging breasts or who want instant and more obvious results, these natural methods will not so much as put a dent in solving your problem! I would suggest at that point to consider some form of surgical breast augmentation.

For those who aren’t ready for full fledged surgical implants, breast fillers are a good alternative. In fact, it is fast becoming a fad because it has less pain/downtime and minimal scarring involved. It’s a straightforward procedure involving injection of a safe filler material, e.g. hyaluronic acid, into the breasts. For how it may be done, please see my previous post on breast augmentation procedures. Technique varies between doctors (e.g. I usually prefer to use only 1 entry point per breast, so that there is less pain and scarring).

As for filler material, hyaluronic acid is a safe option since it is a biosynthetic product found naturally in the human body– the only drawback is that it does not last as long (about 1-1.5 years) as some other choices, so top-ups may prove to be expensive. In terms of results, I dare say it is comparable to implants (without the consequent downtime and scars) and definitely more effective that creams or supplements! 🙂


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  1. Jw says:

    Can I knw ard how much is it costs for the hyaluronic acid injection?

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  3. says:

    Simply a ѕmiling visitor here to share the love (:
    , btw outstanding lɑyout. “He profits most who serves best.” by Arthur F.

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