viva la Sephora ~

I am so in love with the 180-colour blockbuster makeup palette by Sephora– it has all the iridescent eye colours and lip colours you can possibly dream of, and more! (It’s also a limited edition for year 2010.)

I chanced upon its Ion Orchard branch earlier last month and it was love at first sight… It carries most of the top cosmetic brands, including certain brands that are not found elsewhere in Singapore e.g. Urban Decay and also has its own house brand of cosmetics– absolutely no lack of whichever cosmetics you need. 😉 I am also setting my sights on the 4-colour concealer palette and the 5-pc lip gloss set! 😀

Viva la Sephora… 🙂 If they get my gift to me by Christmas.

Recently learned a simple homemade way of cleaning my makeup brushes from my online makeup guru Michelle Phan, using a combination of olive oil and anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid. Apparently inspired by how oil painters clean their brushes. It works like a charm, notwithstanding the fact that my powder blush started to bald… most of the rest survived though. 😛

I didn’t have brush guards like she did, so I improvised at the part where I dried my brushes, using chopsticks and rubber bands instead:

It’s rudimentary and not highly recommended, but for lack of better options… 🙂 Maybe clothes’ pegs will work better.

I also found this great blog on makeup while surfing– it is very informative and gives wonderful tips and tricks! Do check it out if you love makeup as much as I do:


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