Love a cute smile?

Dimples are cute. It textures your smile and makes it interesting. It intrigues people and makes them look forward to your smile so they can catch its elusive wink. One moment it’s there, the next moment it’s gone.

And you don’t have to be born with it.

A cheek dimple is formed due a natural defect in the buccinator muscle so that the skin attaches to it, forming a dimple with muscle contraction, e.g. during smiling or talking. Dimples can also be found elsewhere, like on the chin.

Existing dimples can be deepened or new dimples can be created from scratch with a minor surgical procedure that involves a small incision on the inside of the cheek, removal of a tiny amount of tissue and finally stitched with absorbable sutures. As it heals, it may be visible for the first few months but subsequently, it becomes invisible and appears only when you smile. There’s little downtime and minimal risks with this simple procedure.

Something worth considering if you want to cute up your smile! 🙂


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

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