flawless skin from inside out!

Youthful skin have 3 indispensable characteristics:

  1. Smooth i.e. without wrinkles
  2. Clear i.e. free from pigmentation
  3. Supple i.e. full of bounce!

Most topical skin creams have limited benefits, as most of them cannot penetrate the outermost layer of the skin (the corneum stratum 😉 ). Therefore, most of them can only act superficially, whether it is to retain moisture or to lighten pigmentation. (Notwithstanding, I have come across good products which do penetrate deeply and have excellent results. 🙂 )

In an effort to achieve a radiant healthy skin from inside out, I’ve been trying out oral products which claim to work wonders for the skin. Of course, I tend to be very skeptical and careful in my selection of which ones to try. (I find it intriguing that amidst all the advances in cancer research or HIV research, clinician scientists have yet to discover an actual anti-aging pill– not that it should be on the top of the list… Just too bad I only do front end work. 😉 )

For a couple of months, I’ve been trying out a once-daily dosing of White Beaute, which apparently lightens pigmentation and achieves a fairer skin tone.

Well, people say I am very fair. (Qualifier: I have also been using several other whitening treatments simultaneously. ^^)

What’s even more in nowadays are collagen drinks! I don’t quite buy into off-the-shelf daily groceries that claim to have collagen etc. They probably added an amount equal to a millionth of a gram and jacked up their marketing to the power of a gezillion. Unless you drink a million of their products, there’s probably no effect. 😛

There are now specialised drinks that process marine collagen and other goodies into concentrated drinks and are sold as health/beauty supplements. I also need to do more of my own research into these stuffs but I’ve seen a couple of brands such as Cellergen from Switzerland and 满点肌 from Japan:

10,000mg sounds like pretty solid stuff! They claim to improve all the 3 important characteristics of youthful skin so I think it’s worth a try! ^^ Will update if I do see fantastic results, ok? 😀


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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5 Responses to flawless skin from inside out!

  1. Kay says:

    Hi Dr Yang, may I know where to purchase the White Beaute supplements? Thanks!

  2. bet365 says:

    Good day I was fortunate to approach your website in baidu
    your post is brilliant
    I learn a lot in your website really thanks very much
    btw the theme of you website is really impressive
    where can find it

    • tiffiny yang says:

      Dear bet365,

      Sorry for the delay in replying your comment! And thank you for your very kind words! I’m glad my blog is of benefit to you.

      As for your question, you can pick any template theme from WordPress when you create the blog and modify it to your liking. They have a very useful “Help” option, if you need it. ^^

      Wishing you the best! ^^

  3. tiffiny yang says:

    Update, as promised:

    After just 2 weeks of taking 10,000mg of marine collagen, I honestly do feel my skin is much firmer and bouncier. Perhaps flooding the system with the building blocks of collagen increases its production since supply is overwhelming. Hope the effects are lasting! 🙂

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