Myths about Botox (II)

One of my friends was developing forehead lines, even at age 30. I suggested some Botox to help soften the lines and prevent permanent ones from forming. (Note: the last fact is probably not yet sufficiently proven in clinical trials.) Prevention is important- isn’t it– it’s always better than cure, since cure is not always possible.

He was concerned and asked whether injection of Botox on the forehead will affect the brain or injure the skull. It was a silly thought– of course not! 😀 Botox injections of the face are usually very superficial– just underneath the skin or just neatly into target muscles, and it is definitely not able to penetrate bone.

Another friend asked me if Botox was poisonous, since it is known as a poison after all. She thought that Botox used in other medical indications was safer than in cosmetic medicine. How untrue! It’s true that the botulinum toxin (in sufficient quantities) can cause muscular paralysis if it enters the system. However, the dose of Botox used medically is calculated within a therapeutic window, i.e. within safety limits, and not expected to be felt systemically if used correctly. Furthermore, I’d think that, more often than not, the quantities of Botox used in cosmetic medicine are lower than that required in other therapeutic indications. Any sensible doctor will never overuse the amount of Botox required for cosmetic indications. (There are times when less really is more.)

Last but not least, good looks isn’t a sin, and one shouldn’t be afraid of wanting to shine. It isn’t shameful to seek to improve oneself. 😉

P.S. You can also look up Myths about Botox (I) for more information, or simply drop a note under the page Ask Dr Tiffiny. ^^


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