Clinique vs Mac

This is my favourite eyeshadow by Majolica. It is not an expensive brand, but it is great for creating smokey eyes, with the right amount of bling. 🙂

I’ve also been debating between Clinique vs Mac– which was a better brand. (Ironically, they’re both produced and/or distributed by Estee Lauder Cosmetics. :P) I eventually decided that Clinique was more user friendly than Mac. For example, Clinique’s lash power volumising mascara goes on rather smoothly and washes off in fine little threads whereas Mac’s zoom lash tends to be slightly clumpy and smudges on removal. I’ve also much enjoyed using Clinique’s blusher, crayon eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and lip gloss!

Even Mac’s studio finish concealer doesn’t give as good coverage or keep as well as, say, L’Oreal’s Touche Magique eye concealer or Silky Girl’s stick concealer.

Well, a couple of plus points about Mac is that it carries very good makeup brushes and it does have a far bigger range of products to choose from, whatever makeup item you’re looking for. I love their lipstick selection at Robinsons Raffles City– there must be up to a hundred colours and one is simply spoilt for choice! My fave colours are House Wine and Blankety– works well, but as usual, doesn’t seem to keep too well in our hot & wet climate. 🙂


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