Seoul-ly Mine… 2

This is me, all ready for Seoul-ful fun!

Well, due to limited time, we didn’t see too many stuffs. I found a world heritage site within walking distance of my hotel– the tomb of King Jeung-hyeung.

Visited the lake next to Lotte World and River Han. Beautiful places. The trees were laden with red and gold and it was refreshing to walk around.

Ah, but these are not the fun part! Dongdaemon & Itaewon are the main attractions of my Seoul experience! These are shopping districts in downtown Seoul.

Dongdaemon is peppered with big shopping centres that sell men’s and ladies’ fashion and accessories, from bags to clothes to jewellery. Itaewon has a lot of streetside push-carts– their specialty: imitation goods. I must say that their goods are not cheap (yet cheaper than Korean goods sold in Singapore), but they’re within affordability and the quality is great! (As compared to Japan, the goods there also have top quality but are definitely wayyy more expensive. ^^) They also sell all the brands of cosmetics and skincare you can desire… *cloud 9*

Didn’t spend too many days there– such a pity. I must return to Seoul someday, and perhaps make it a yearly pilgrimage! 🙂


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