Soeul-ly Mine…

Went to South Korea for a competency course last week. S Korea is truly the land of the cosmetics and aesthetics– if I ever were to undergo the knife, I’d choose to do it in S Korea! (Not that I need to… ;))

So, we were there learning to help people with balding problems regain a full head of confidence– the scarless way. 🙂

Hair transplant treatment for alopecia is currently done by removing a strip of hair-bearing scalp and dicing it into individual hair follicles, which are then replanted to areas of hair loss. The strip technique leaves a long scar, which may be hidden under a good crop of hair. Now, it is possible to directly remove individual hair follicles for transplantation, leaving only tiny scabs that fade without a trace! i.e. no more scars. 🙂

This was the course instructor and the clinic where the course was held:

It was a 2-day course. My clinic partners and I diligently completed the course before commencing on the fun! Well, basically more fun for me than the others… because there’s just so much shopping in downtown Seoul!!

I must say that Korean girls are really pretty. Just a walk down the street and you can catch a pretty face at every turn. Their complexion is simply aglow. Is it the air? Hmm…

It was autumn then– wonderful temperature, although it was rather dry. Good thing I had my faithful Kose moisturiser which I religiously apply every morning and night!

Korean food is preoccupied with being spicy and sour… Can’t quite get used to it yet, but it was nonetheless yummy. Our host brought us to a sumptuous Korean buffet at Imperial Palace hotel and to an authentic Korean restaurant for lunch on both days.

The way Koreans have their meals is very similar to the Chinese– served in a few courses. There are always several side dishes or dips to go with any one dish too.

Korean BBQ was more palatable to me. We also visited a place for dinner where they fried tomato rice on your table before you tucked right in. Cool!


(Alright, I’m not a food connoisseur. Don’t quite understand fine cuisine. What’s more, I prefer to keep to a down-to-earth diet. :D)

Stay tuned to this space for more updates… ^^

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