prevention– always better than cure

Ever compared someone’s photo from 10 years ago and wondered at the difference?

Our faces are really a dynamic and complicated structure. It undergoes constant change throughout the years (usually of aging) and develops variations from decade to decade. These minute changes can make significant differences over a long time. Facial volume shifts, textural changes of the skin and even, skeletal remodelling.

Many of us know that collagen is important for maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful look. It is not the only factor. There are also many fat pads in our face that volumise the face when we are young– such that when we lose them, we start looking sunken, haggard and old. So besides having good skincare to maintain a youthful look, we can also start using fillers to counteract early volume loss in the face. This is to prevent consequential changes further downstream such as sagging skin and bone structure modifications.

By the time deep lines or cavities have formed, too much volume will have been lost for effective replacement with fillers or to successfully regain a youthful look again. With good upkeep, you may even start hearing people tell you, “Why, you never seem to age at all!” 🙂


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Doctor 整形医生/医師 Ms S'pore Universe 环球小姐 FHM Chinese International Cover Girl 男人帮国际中文版封面女郎 FHM S'pore Model 男人帮新加坡模特儿 A girl loves her piano~
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