Poor Selina!

S.H.E.’s Selina Jen was injured during a filming accident in Shanghai and suffered third degree burns to almost 40% of her body! The news reporter mentioned that the burns mainly involved the limbs and only a small part of the face, which should heal quickly, and that she is currently in stable condition and has started to eat small amounts of food…

Hope she gets well soon!!! She may need some time to recover fully as third degree burns are no child’s play… could have been potentially disfiguring or even life-threatening! Hebe dedicated a song to her on the radio FM 93.3 today, sending her love. It’d be very very very sad if it affected her career, or marriage…

One thing’s for sure, her fans the world over are wishing the best for her! 加油, Selina!


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Doctor 整形医生/医師 Ms S'pore Universe 环球小姐 FHM Chinese International Cover Girl 男人帮国际中文版封面女郎 FHM S'pore Model 男人帮新加坡模特儿 A girl loves her piano~
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