All for those Jolie lips

Really love Angelina’s lips! One of those things she’s famous for…

Lips are really very delicate structures. Because they don’t produce their own protective sebum, without proper care, they easily become dry and chapped and shriveled.

Well, a few tips on basic lip care:

1. Make sure they’re well moisturised. Drink plenty of fluids and keep well hydrated. Apply lip lotion or lip balm for extra moisture. I have the habit of making sure I apply lip balm nightly as maintenance therapy.

2. Exfoliate (but not too frequently!). And only with a gentle scrub! Peeling lips look terribly ugly, especially with lipstick. One homemade scrub that I learnt is made by mixing honey with crystal sugar. Tastes yummy too. 🙂 This makes a soft scrub you can apply on to remove all those skin flakes for smoother textured lips.

3. Some types of lip glosses actually trap moisture throughout the day and are pretty useful (in my opinion) for keeping the lips soft. Choose moisturizing rouges, if possible.

4. If you find your lips are too thin even after plumping them up in natural ways, one can consider lip fillers to increase lip volume. Usually, the softest fillers are used so that the feel is natural and they can last for up to a year. Or, if you find your lips getting downturned with age, you can fix those Marionette lines with fillers to make your look more youthful.

All in all, who wouldn’t love cherry blossom lips? It takes effort to create and maintain them, even if you were born with it. 😀


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