Seminar on Cosmelan Depigmentation @ Hanoi

Was away in Hanoi the last 3 days giving a presentation talk on Cosmelan Depigmentation to the local medical & cosmetic community. I was invited by Innomed (Vietnam) to give this talk. They are doing very well with this product in the country! Here’re some photos from my official photographer. 🙂

It was a smooth trip. We arrived right on schedule to deliver the talk as planned but it was tiring, as I had to give the talk within a couple hours’ of my flight’s arrival. 🙂

The attendees were mostly Vietnamese doctors and high class spa owners. Some were experienced with the product but others were new. We then moved on to carry out a demonstration of how to apply Cosmelan I mask for a patient. We had a volunteer present, a local Viet.

The seminar lasted for a few hours and we wrapped it up successfully after answering questions from the participants. Thereafter, Rosie (David’s wife) brought us on a short tour of the hospital we were at. It was very interesting to see how different a private hospital there is, as compared to one in Singapore!

I thought it was a successful event, on the whole. It was good to meet the doctors and cosmetic professionals of the country and learn of their local medical culture too. I wish I had time to help answer more of their questions, but time was limited.

At this juncture, I should briefly explain what the Cosmelan Depigmentation does. It is really a simple and effective way of reducing hyperpigmentation on the face– with the use of topical masks and cream. I like to call it a very slow chemical peel.

Its main mode of action involves tyrosinase inhibitor complex that suppresses melanin synthesis without destroying melanocytes and also accelerates shedding of the corneum stratum to remove existing melanin deposits from the epidermis. Studies have proven its efficacy and it’s one of the most recommended treatments for hyperpigmentation in my clinic.

The standard treatment for local Asians in Singapore is as follows: the treatment is started in the clinic, by application of Cosmelan I mask. That is left on for about 8 hours and washed off. Subsequently, Cosmelan II mask should be applied twice a day at home for a week or two and then reduced to once a week, as assessed by the reviewing doctor. Patient compliance is crucial to successful treatment and the regime is often tailored according to individual assessment. The longer the treatment is tolerated and continued, the better the results usually are. If complied with, results can be quite amazing. 🙂

And now, I’m really tired. Need to rest for tomorrow! The rest of my business trip to Hanoi is to be continued… 😀


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