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There’s one thing that really increases a woman’s confidence dramatically– a fuller bosom.

However, not everyone (female or male) can accept plastic surgery for breast implants. There is some stigma to having “fake boobs” for a girl.

Is there, then, a better solution?

Well, besides topical creams (which are effective only as long as you are still actively applying it) and self-proclaimed beauty salon treatments (the efficacy of which, pardon me, is not conclusive), is there any method for breast augmentation that is 1. minimally invasive, 2. safe and easily reversible and 3. natural.

Therein lies the beauty of breast fillers. It is a really simple and straightforward procedure that (practically) involves injecting a safe filler material into the breast to increase its volume.

There are 2-3 types of breast filler materials that we’re familiar with– Macrolane, Aqualift & Hyacorp. Macrolane and Hyacorp is made up of hyaluronic acid, the same material used in facial fillers and also a natural substance found in the skin, eyes and joints. Aqualift is made of polyamide (NOT polyacrylamide). It is a synthetic product with good safety profile (to the best of my understanding thus far) and has the added benefit of lasting longer than Macrolane or Hyacorp.

The procedure simply involves injecting filler material into the submammary space via needle-sized entry points in the lower creases of the breasts. This minimises the scars after the procedure. (Note: techniques varies from medical practitioner to medical practitioner.) It mainly replaces volume and can even correct sagginess to a certain extent. The entire procedure is done under light sedation with local anaesthesia. Few risks are involved in the procedure, e.g. infection of the filler material (which is treatable) and other minor risks like bleeding during the procedure and side effects of sedation. These risks are actually low and the procedure usually can be completed safely in approximately 2 hours.

Post-operative care is simple. Just wear compression or sports bra for 2 weeks or so until the filler settles– wired bras are a NO-NO! Dressings should be done to keep the healing wounds dry and clean to prevent infection. Wounds should heal within the week, so before then, do try to avoid traumatising them. 🙂 Don’t default on follow up visits so that your doctor can monitor for any potential adverse events and manage them accordingly.

Now, you’re ready to flaunt your new assets to the world!

There concludes my brief introduction on what breast fillers are about. Please see your own aesthetic physician for further information!

And now, just for fun… Took this off a website I found 🙂 :

For more information, please check out my clinic website: Dr Tiffiny Yang’s Natural 1-Point Breast Filler.


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