Cherubic or Chipmunk facies?

Isn’t this child cute & lovely! All that baby fat… makes the cheeks so soft and kissable. 😀

But, as adults, we certainly don’t need that baby fat anymore! So what if our faces retained it, making it look round and chubby?

Or what if we were once at a size that could qualify us for The Biggest Loser (whether it is Asia or America)? 😀 Such as this:


Having been oversized before, the fat in the face and jowls may stubbornly not go away even after losing weight over the rest of the body.

This is probably most amenable to liposuction or lipodissolve therapies.

Hmm, what if you looked like this?

So cute too! 😀

Well, perhaps it does not look as cute on us as it does on the animal.

A chipmunk look is due to excess buccal fat, which plumps up the areas beside the mouth. This problem is most amenable to another procedure known as buccal fat removal. Totally different process.

Sometimes, people get confused between the two. Using one method to solve the other can give very disappointing results. Occasionally, some people may need both to get their desired result!

Therefore, one must know what one’s problem is before discussing further options on it. Seek a medical opinion before deciding which procedures are most suitable for you!


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