for a slimmer face

Does your face shape look like this?

Our faces come in all shapes and sizes. Amongst them, square faces are quite common. In Oriental girls, they are not aesthetically most desirable (although it may be a different story for the men or perhaps even, other ethnicities).

Do you want to look like this?

Well, short of doing plastic surgery, there are certain minimally invasive procedures you can do to achieve this look.

Step One

You can botox your jaws to reduce them. The masseter muscles, which sit at the angles of your jaws, are responsible for mastication. They can grow to a considerable size, especially if you like to eat hard (e.g. nuts) or rubbery (e.g. squid) foods, making your jaws look square. Botox prevents the masseters from doing too much of this and thus slims them down, reducing the angularity of the jaws.

Step Two

When this has reached its desired effect, you can further achieve the slim look with a chin filler. People with square jaws usually have short or flat chins that accentuate the angularity of the jaws– this is easily corrected with the a sharper, more pointy chin.

 Step Three

Give your face some 3D depth as well– it adds to the slimming effect. If you have a broad or flat nose bridge, a nose filler on the bridge can bring out the profile of your face. It can make the width of your face look relatively slimmer.

Thereafter, voila! The face that you’ve desired for so long is yours. 🙂


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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5 Responses to for a slimmer face

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  2. nhc says:

    Hi dr yang!
    i am only 19 this year and would like to try out botox jaw slimming. Will there be any adverse effects when i grow older?

    • tiffiny yang says:


      You should consult to see if you are suitable for botox jaw slimming before deciding to do it. Botox is temporary and lasts for only 4-6 months. As for adverse effects in the long term, there is none that I know of. =)

      Warmest Regards,
      Tiffiny Yang

      • joyce says:

        nose filler only last for like 4-6 month too? is there anyting permanent? and the 1 point v shape? is it permanent? or does it need go every year in order to maintain?

  3. joyce says:

    your recent package 1-point v shape include the jaw reduction and chin filler. do we need to maintain again after a year? doubtful any permanent?

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