Myths about Botox (I)

Botox is only for old people

There cannot be anything farther from the truth.

Indeed, Botox is used to counter wrinkles and retain that youthful smoothness, but why wait until they’ve formed permanently? An important consideration is that Botox can obliterate dynamic wrinkles but not static ones. By the time those have formed, it’s probably too late. So (anecdotally) it may be a good idea to have some little Botox from your 30s to maintain your youth, before those wrinkles need more than just Botox to keep them away.

Botox has other uses besides fighting wrinkles. For example, Botox is used in neurology to treat migraines. On a more aesthetic focus, it can also be used to slim the jaws by downsizing the masseter muscles. It can decrease hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the palms and armpits. In experienced hands, it can also be used to shape the brows as well.

Botox gives a very frozen, unnatural look.

Not necessarily. It depends on the dosage of Botox used. Some people ask for more if they don’t want to return for a top-up so frequently. If you want a more natural look i.e. you want to retain some degree of facial expression, less Botox can be given– just enough to soften those lines. In fact, that is what I usually do, unless otherwise requested, because I don’t find “mask-like facies” particularly aesthetic either. 😛


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