For a fresher breath of air~

I’ve been doing a lot of fillers this week– and nose fillers are amongst my favourite. Perhaps I’ve been doing too many of them and thus, I’m developing quite a knack for it, but I think I do a pretty good job out of each nose I’ve come across. 😀

Well, firstly, each and every nose is different in its shape. In one of my categorisations, there are 2 types– the narrow one and the broad one. Simple, isn’t it? But it makes a lot of difference in the final outcome. Of course, all of them become higher, but one must consider breadth as well as height. For example, a narrow nose bridge will look miserly on a broad face, so one must create a proportionately broader nose bridge to suit the face, and vice versa.

Another important consideration is the location of the nasion. In Asian ladies, retention of the nasofrontal angle is good to create a soft, refined look that is still feminine whereas men can afford a wide nasofrontal angle, even to the point of obliterating it, for that strong, hunky look. I’ve seen a colleague of mine create the latter for a young lady– omg, to say the least, it was horrendous. But not to worry, there’s always hyaluronidase to reverse it. 🙂

Last but not least, the tip of the nose should be pointed and perky, such that the nostrils become vertical rather than horizontal. (This can be difficult to achieve in noses that are too broad.)

I believe in minimally invasiveness for maximal effectiveness, that’s why I love fillers. Just a few injections, and voila! A perkier nose to bring out your profile better. If you do not like it, fret not, hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body in a few months as well. On average, they last about 9-12 months, depending on the type of filler you use.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s minimally invasive, therefore it doesn’t carry much risk and present risks are few and far in between. For nose fillers, the greatest pitfall is the supratrochlear artery that runs up both sides of the nose. If filler material gets into the artery, it can get blocked and affect a small part of the skin around the forehead. But it is not life-threatening and usually can resolve with medical treatment. Other minor risks include some swelling, bruising and aching– all of which are benign side effects and lasts for at most 1-2 weeks.

There, a simple synopsis for a quick nose fix. It is pretty straightforward. 15 minutes for a fresher whiff of air. 🙂


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