Selamat Hari Raya~

Friday was a public holiday for us, as the Malays celebrated their festive occasion. Glad for the break!

Jon and I went to a Japanese restaurant near our workplace for lunch on Thursday afternoon. It was pretty good– $15 nett for ebi tempura and karaage chicken bento set.

Went with Cindy babe to pick out our bridesmaids dresses the next morning. Sooo excited for her! It’s gonna be fun planning the bridal shower etc.

Had GDFM tutorial on Saturday afternoon… siannnn. Missed half of cellgroup for it.

Had the hairband for a good girl look! 😛

Did my nails the DIY way! Nail art and all! There’re so many shops at Far East Plaza that sell manicure/pedicure goods exclusively. Got a pen to paint nail art with from there at only $9.90.

Shopped a lot at Far East that day and got new accessorization. 😀 Geez, at the rate of shopping I’m going, I’ll have to increase my income or join a Shopaholics Anonymous group.

Woke up terribly early for a Sunday morning so that I could make it for church. 😀 Was a bit late anyway. Sigh.

Had a restful weekend! Ate homemade steamboat for both lunch and dinner. Hee hee. Bobo fishballs are very bouncy and nice– it’s now appointed as the official fishball supplier of the Yang family!


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